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10/27/99 10:22 PM

Jimmy meets Mona in NYC
July 7 and July 9, 2007

Worthy of the first update to this page since October 27, 1999, after over 10 years of great friendship online, Jimmy and Mona have finally met. During a trip to NYC with her friend Kristyn on July 6 - July 11, 2007 for dance workshops, Jimmy and Mona had the awesome chance to meet. They were able to meet briefly on Saturday night 07/07/07 (must be something magical about that number), streetside on 54th between 8th and Broadway in Manhattan. Having gotten past the whole first time meeting deal, another fun night out took place late on Monday July 9 into the wee hours (3 AM-ish) of July 10. Tons of great memories from this great together with two super ladies! Hopefully a few photos from the trip will be able to be posted soon!

Calling all lost LeMoos!
Posted: July 11, 2007

Sitting and talking over drinks with Mona Monday night, we realized we've lost touch with so many of the great LeMoos of those incredible days gone by in the Jodie Sweetin Chat Zone. If you were a LeMoo send an email to and update him on whats going on in your life these days. It would be great to re-unite and rekindle some old friendships. And now since we are all adults, perhaps a LeMoo reunion, in person, isn't all that crazy a notion. All of you old LeMoos are missed and we'd love to hear from you! And even if you never were an official LeMoo but were part of the gang back in the hayday of the Jodie Sweetin Chat Zone, contact Jimmy. So many memories. Let's connect.

LeMoo's know how to have fun!

Snapshots of this 2 day event.


Another fun day at Long Beach Island, NJ.

Flashback to fun!

Memories from the great summer of 1998...

Check out the first pictures from the big day at the Jersey shore.


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